Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your vanilla grown?

Our Priceless Vanilla is grown in the central region of Uganda. We have partnered with several farm to ensure a continuous supply.

Can you supply both Grade A and B beans?

Yes, we can supply around 30,000 kgs of top quality vanilla in both grades A and B.

What are the subtle differences between Grades A and B

Grade A Vanilla Beans V/S Grade B Vanilla Beans
Key details about Grade A and Grade B Vanilla Beans.We offer you Grade A and Grade B Vanilla beans which can be used for cooking, baking, preparing extracts, and much more. You can read about the same in the product description (it is well described here).

Grade A Vanilla Beans- Also called prime or gourmet Vanilla Beans are perfectly moist and oily. The physical characteristic of Grade A Vanilla Beans, like 6–8-inch length, presence of moisture is 30-35%, and weigh approx 7.5 beans per oz, This vanilla is visually attractive and can be a feature ingredient in gourmet cuisine.

Grade B Vanilla Beans- Also called Extract grade. These are less moist, roughly 15-25%, and like 6-8-inch length, weigh around 9.5 beans per oz.

Do you offer other products in addition to vanilla beans?

Yes we do. In addition to the pure organic vanilla beans, we offer finished goods such as vanilla bean paste, pure vanilla extract, vanilla sugar and extract making kits for the DIY fans.

How much vanilla can I order?

We import large bulk orders of the vanilla beans and can accommodate usuall order of up to 10 kgs. We package the vanilla in small packages of small bean counts such as 5, 10, 20 units for small use as well.

How do your vanilla beans compare to Madagascar vanilla beans.

Many consumers of vanilla want the most popular vanilla bean for their recipes. Our beans are very close in taste and texture and are less expensive and many cases more readily available. 

Where do you distribute your Ugandan vanilla?

At the moment we seel our vanilla in small and large bulk quantities in Canada. Priceless Vanilla is a sub co of Priceless Organics.