About Us

Priceless Vanilla is a business unit under the Priceless Organics Brand. Priceless Vanilla focuses on everything vanilla. We start with importing the best vanilla beans from farms in Uganda. All beans certified organic, kosher and vegan.

We are in the process of producing our own unique brand of pure organic vanilla extracts in a variety of alcohol flavours using locally branded spirits in Canada. We are also creating other products such as vanilla sugar using Zuga natural sweetners instead of pure sugar. (Best option for keto and diabetic diets).

Our operation is based in Alberta with distribution across Canada. USA sales will come shortly.

Priceless Vanilla will become your go to supplier of quality vanilla beans from 1 bean to 10 kgs. Just ask for any special rates and discounts.

In addition to supplying quality vanilla beans, Priceless Vanilla will also supply essenial oils, fragrances, candle products and more as we develop and manufacture.

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